Your clip-on coach to deepen your yoga practice, gain a training edge and guide your fitness routine.

RESPA™ is an easy-to-use wearable sensor that tracks your breathing for the duration of your workout. With the RESPA™ companion app, you can train smarter and practice better as you get real-time alerts for staying in optimal breathing zones.


Respa Fitness 2.0 3.0

train smarter, not harder

The algorithm interprets breathing data collected by sensors to notify in real-time when you should push harder, stay in your sweet spot, or slow down for optimal performance.

Respa Elite Fitness 3.0

Real-time alerts for ventilator threshold

Respa helps you build endurance and stamina every time you exercise. Crossing Ventilatory Threshold (VT) can lead to lactic acid buildup/overtraining. The device beeps/vibrates in real-time, notifying to dial up or dial down training.

Respa Better Yoga

guide breathing exercises

 The sensor gives gentle alerts that remind you to come back to your breath during your yoga practice, and it provides breathing data visualizations and coaching to help you improve your practice over time.